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Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner:

Whole Leg of Lamb Roasted/5-7 p - $79.99
Braised Lamb with garlic - $13.99/p
Lamb Shank - $23.99/p
Lamb Soup with Lovage - $10.99/p
Lamb Terrine - $7.99/p
Side dishes(included in price) : garlic mashed potatoes, garlic-rosemary baby roasted potatoes, sauerkraut, vegetable sautée 
Cabbage Rolls - $30/20 p, Eggplant Salad - $5.99/p, Boeuf Salad - $5.99/p, walnut/poppyseed sweetbread - $20, home made mini desserts - $1.49-1.99/p

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