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About Us

Every meat lover's dream is to walk into a classic butcher shop that makes him feel like home and provides them with their favorite cuts, freshly carved… That's what we're striving to accomplish: a cozy place that you enjoy walking into, where we will satisfy your need for high quality meats!



We have created a menu using the finest seasonal produce. Table service available for all food and drinks.

Goodies is a sophisticated, yet simple and traditional retreat, amidst the frenzy of the big city. When you set your foot inside our store, the look, the smell, the atmosphere will set you back into a cozy time in history. Unwind, relax and enjoy all we have to offer.

We are proud to serve the finest meats delicately spiced, grilled and slow roasted according to family recipes passed down for generations.

making sausage


Making Sausages

Our signature product is our sausage. You will find some of the most famous recipes done in our shop, have been infused with a personal twist. We have adopted many traditional recipes that contain "secret ingredients" that have been passed on for generations through word of mouth. The sausages that we are making are done right in front of your eyes from fresh and carefully selected meats and with natural ingredients and spices that you can easily pronounce, like salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, etc. Taste our home made Romanian sausage and you'll find it amongst the best you have ever had.

The origins of meat preservation are lost to the ages but probably began when humans began to realize the preservative value of salt. Sausage making originally developed as a means to preserve and transport meat.

Primitive societies learned that dried berries and spices could be added to dried meat. By 600-500 BC there is mention of sausages from China, Rome and Greece. The procedure of stuffing meat into casings remains basically the same today, but sausage recipes have been greatly refined and sausage making has become a highly respected culinary art.